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Interview with Yim Choon Lee by Sevim Ünal

-I’m  with Yim Choon Lee, he is going to exhibit in Istanbul very soon and I like to interview with him.  Yes, we are going to discover Yim Choon now. By the way I love your art they are great.

-Where did you born?

*Goseong, Korea

-Your education?

* National Kyungsang University, BS in Engineer

-Where do you live now?

*Geoje, Korea

Are you practicing art as a hobby or is it your profession?

*I am a professional artist.

-Why have you been choosing art as a profession?

*The canvas is my best way to express and share my philosophy and thoughts with people. That is why I chose art as a profession.

-Have you done exhibition in other lands? In which lands have you had exhibition?

*Turkey :Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir

*USA : Miami, Florida

Do you have coming exhibition? When, where, for how long?

*May 3 - 21, Istanbul, Turkey (International Art Center)

*May 2 - 5, Seoul Art Fair, Korea

*April 30 - May 2, Beijing Art Fair, China

-Can you sell your art works? What kind of people buy your art?

*Yes, I like to see my art work because I need to buy the material for my art work. There are many different types of people buying my artwork: from collectors to ordinary people. Some people even borrow money from bank and bought my paintings.

- Do people have interest for art or just one certain part of them has interest for it? If so why?

*People buy my art work because they like my style of painting. They say that my paintings has magical feeling and they like more as time goes. My paintings are three-dimensional which has moving affect. Most of people said that they never seen paintings like that before.

Is it possible to make living on art?

I think so. But I am not there yet. But I think it will get better as people start to recognize my art work.

-Do you believe art really gets interest and value?

*Art is basic thing in human life and it improves our life. As our human beings are getting modernize, art should be even more developed and created. The main difference of human being and animal is that we are enjoying and sharing Art.

-Do you fallow foreign artist in you join their exhibitions?

*My favorite artist is Zdzisław  Beksiński.  He is Polish and died.

What are you doing for more improving ?

My art is improving everyday. Whenever I finish my artwork, I want to do more. I feel like I am just started and my art work is going to evolve every day.

Do you have any idea about Turkish art market?

*I don`t know yet. I will know better after attending my solo exhibition in Istanbul in May.

Have you any idea about foreign artist in your country ?

*I don`t know much.

Is there interest for foreign art in your country?


-What is your future plans or dreams?

*Contemporary art in Korea has not established solidly. And therefore, not many Korean artists are known in the world as contemporary artist. I want to be a distinguish Korean contemporary artist and spread my unique style to the world. And share my thought and philosophy through my artwork.

-Where can people who are interesting in your art fine info about you? Site, gallery, address, etc….

*My paintings are in International Art Center, Istanbul.

*My website : www.yimchoonlee.com

-If you compare art of today and art of past artist which one has quality and more value?

*I don`t think I can compare them. Both artists from today and past have their own value. Art is evolving everyday as we are changing continuously. Even some of the best artist`s art work can not be understood. It is all depends on current fashion.

 -Would you like to add something as last worlds?

*First of all, thanks for your requesting my interview. I hope you keep watching my artwork and share with people in your art circle. My "Tearing Art" is a new style of contemporary art.

*Thank you for your time and answering my questions.

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